Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Year Old Teaches Mom to Look at the Silver Lining of Road Construction

Anyone who hails from Chicago knows that we have two seasons: winter and construction. Now that construction season is upon us, it is often difficult to stay in a good mood while commuting.

When construction delays forced me to take a circuitous route home last week, bypassing the highway and winding through all sorts of local roads we had never seen before, I was starting to get frustrated. I mean, how is it that every highway needs to be upgraded every spring? I just want to get on the highway and fly home, you know? Kids are in the car, we're hungry and tired, and I could feel my blood starting to boil as we hit yet another red light.

We finally pulled into the garage, and my 5 year old says, "Mommy, I really liked the new way you took us home today- it was very creative!"

God bless preschool teachers. God bless 'em.


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  2. Joanna, Thanks for trusting me with the care of your patients- it has been my pleasure. :)

  3. Great article. Whenever I take a different way to try to avoid traffic, my kids say "Mommy, that's not the right way". I explain there is no "right" way - just many options and encourage them to have an open mind!


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