Monday, February 1, 2010

My Valentine's Day Party Saga- Or, Why it Never Pays to Think Ahead

I was so proud of myself. I had a little extra time on my hands (don't ask me where it came from, because I can't imagine I'll ever find it again), so I decided I would take a trip to the store and buy all the supplies I needed to make cute peanut/treenut-free Valentine's Day goodie bags for Son #1's preschool class.

I dutifully purchased stickers, little plastic baggies, pencils, and individually wrapped/labelled candies for distribution to the little cuties.

I sat and patiently assembled all the bags for him and his 13 classmates, and even made an extra couple of bags, just in case.

Last night, I read the newsletter from his classroom: "If your child will be bringing Valentines in for our party on the 12th, please make sure to bring for everyone, so we don't have any hurt feelings." Excellent point- I couldn't agree more. (hence the extra few bags!)

The newsletter continued: "We have 22 students." WHAT??!?! 22?! Ahem- where did these extra 8 children magically come from? Were you running an enrollment special in January?

Sheesh. Serves me right for pretending to be super-mom. I'm done with thinking ahead- I'm going back to being procrasti-mom, thank you very much. And, apparently, I'm also headed back to the store...


  1. Thinking ahead, clean desks, organized drawers....all overrated!


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